Spring Equinox - Operate from Joy
with The Pleiadians
Live in Ojai

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​​Nora, Jon, The Pleiadian Collective, Enorah, Yeshua, Calliandra, and Others share their perspectives on the the equinox energies and what will be activating within your genetic codes, the acceleration of the shift along with the acceleration in the manifestation of your realities, engaging the third and fifth dimensional operating systems at the same time within the context of running manifestation processes, individuated timeline jumps, collective timeline jumps, creating an individual jump within the container of the collective, operating as an incarnate guide, the ego, transmutation of traumas from any and all lifetime experiences, the syncing up of collective humanity with the elevated timeline, the shadow phase of the past couple of years, the expiration of the enslavement contracts that occurred on the Winter Solstice of 2012, abuses of power in other lives and how those trauma points affect us in this current incarnation, the younger generation and their role in the shift, operating as a systems buster, the 8 main frequencies and vibrations assigned to the 7 main chakras in the third dimensional system, using these frequencies and vibrations in the manifestation process, using the vibratory rate of joy as the basis for all manifestation, the creation of this Universe, the rate at which descension occurred, the physical body and the shift from carbon based to crystalline based lifeforms happening now on Earth, and much, much, more.

The Pleiadians offered a number of processes and tools throughout including a clearing technique that facilitates the integration of the highest version of the Equinox downloads for each individually. They then move along into the accessing of the Equinox energies themselves and offer a simple process to connect with these extremely potent and shifting energies over the coming days, weeks, and months.

This was our first live event in Ojai in years and was both incredibly powerful as well as so lighthearted and joyful.

Monthly Transmissions
from The Pleiadians
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Next Monthly Transmission from The Pleiadians
Tuesday, April 2, 2019
at 5pm pacific time
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Join us for a monthly gathering of love, fun, and transformation. We will offer a transmission at the top of the program lasting for approximately 30 minutes and then will proceed to take your questions for the next hour. We will get to as many of you as we can in the time allowed. You can access the program by either calling in via your phone or computer, or you can choose to just listen to the live broadcast via the web.

Please note: If you wish to ask a question you will need to call in.

For those who can not attend live, the replay will be available immediately following for all registered. The recording will also be available for purchase on our site a few days following the live event.

​in the Age of Ascension

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Nora, Jon, The Pleiadian Collective, Enorah, Yeshua, Calliandra, and Others share their perspectives on the manifestation experience at this time on Earth, the blending of the fifth and third dimensional identities and the effect this is having on your manifestation process, Chiron moving into Aries and how this will support your individuated realities, avoidance and how it negatively impacts your process, the source of avoidance and procrastination, the ego identity and the newly enhanced and expanded version of your ego identity, using the third eye as a tool for projecting frequencies into the density around you, emotions and vibrations and how they work together at this time in the creation of your reality, money and your use of it as a creator, the fluid and imaginary nature of money, food and your selections of food at this time, the passage of time within the context of operating as a creator, the ego's plan vs. the plan of the higher self, divine right timing when it comes to manifestation, the individuated reality as it interfaces with the collective reality, fantasy and spiritual bypassing and how both negate your ability to operate as a conscious creator, relationships and the creation of new relationships, the creation of any experience you want, the intersectional nature of your reality, how each and everything you do affects each and every other thing you do, your excitement, operating as an incarnate guide, operating as a "professional" healer and guide, the physical body, and much, much more. ​

The Pleiadians offered a number of processes and tools throughout that will assist you in bringing about the realities you desire, including a step by step manifestation process


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