Monthly Transmissions
from The Pleiadians
​via Webcast & Teleconference

Next Monthly Transmission from The Pleiadians
Tuesday, April 7, 2020
at 5pm pacific time
Details and Registration Here

​​Opening transmission from The Pleiadians and Ursula during the first 30 minutes. Interactive Q & A session with The P's for the remaining hour.

These monthly sessions are always so much fun and filled with helpful guidance along with incredibly supportive energy from The Pleiadians and all of our other helpers and celestial friends. 

For those who can not attend live, the replay will be available immediately following for all registered. The recording will also be available for purchase on our site a few days following the live event.

Spring Equinox
​Spells to Grow & Prosper
with The Pleiadians & Ursula
via Webcast & Teleconference

Recording N ow Available

This is both a workshop on the creation and use of spells for well-being, prosperity, and growth in everyday life as well as a full-on transmission from Ursula and The Pleiadians on the Spring Equinox

The Pleiadians and Ursula shared their perspectives on The Equinox gateway and what we are integrating and deactivating as a result of the upgrades coming in, the balancing of the yin and yang energies, the syncing up with the timeline we landed on via the Solstice gateway, the coronavirus and what it is facilitating in us all as both a heart chakra activator and a truth-teller, money and the deactivation of deeply entrenched enslavement programs with regards to money, the need for surrender in the manifestation/spellcasting process, outcomes as spells that create more outcomes, the multidimensional nature of spellcasting, enhanced telepathy and connection with other beings as a part of the Equinox upgrades, operating as an incarnate guide, and much, much more.
Multiple processes were offered throughout the workshop including one that deactivates the money enslavement programs and entanglements and one that facilitates the integration of the Equinox downloads.
The basics and foundations of creating spells for health, well-being, growth, prosperity, and more were given, and participants had the opportunity to workshop these spells live. These very simple spells can be created and used for any aspect of your reality. The process from creating the spell, actualizing the spell, surrendering, and then "following the breadcrumbs" was offered as well as the support given as we disconnect our personal prosperity, value, and growth from the concept of money offering radical changes in our realities.

These well-being, growth, and prosperity spells take mere minutes to construct and yet are profoundly effective as they ripple into your life. Have fun being the magician that you are!


Interview with E.D.

Reuben Langdon's ongoing series. New episodes added regularly.

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