Monthly Transmissions - 2019

You can purchase a downloadable MP3 file of Nora's monthly channeled lectures and group sessions.  A high speed Internet connection is recommended for all downloads. 

You will receive the download via your email as soon as you purchase. If you do not receive your order or you have an issue donwloading, please contact us at [email protected]

Recordings of workshops, sessions, lectures, meditations, processes, & music are for your personal use and may not be redistributed in any way.

Channeled Lecture & Group Session
Monthly Teleconference
January 8, 2019
 Minutes Long - $11

The Pleiadian Collective, Enorah, Yeshua, Calliandra, and Others share their perspectives on the continuation of the integration of the Solstice downloads, the upgrades to our manifestation abilities. operating as a multi-dimensional manifestor, time and the multi-dimensional nature of time, the blueprints for all dimensions, the acceleration of our shift from the third dimension to the fifth, the lingering effects of the solar eclipse that occurred on January 5th, the powerful energy surges some are experiencing at this time, the period of time between the solar eclipse on Jan 5 and the lunar eclipse on Jan 20, the massive identity shifts underway for all humans at this time, the increased ability to access higher dimensional states of being and bring that awareness to this moment in time, intention and desire and how to couple them with frequency and vibration to create realities, the need to practice detachment from specific outcomes to manifest the highest possible outcome for the self, creating truly nourishing realities, differentiating between the illusion of desire and nourishment, money and work, physical health, connecting with the elementals, the power of water, the action oriented energy of 2019, and much, much more.

The Pleiadians offer a number of processes throughout including one that facilitates the shift happening within the third chakra as well as processes to ground the new upgrades into the lower chakra system.