The Pleiadian Collective channeled by Nora Herold — Excerpt from the September 5th, 2017 Teleconference.

Partly what’s happening for you all right now as well is you’re still transmuting old traumas and finding yourselves really at times grief-stricken, feeling completely overwhelmed and lost, and at times very angry as well. And when you find yourselves in those spaces, feel what it is you’re feeling. Then run that process of: Feel, observe, accept without judgment, which allows you to active unconditional love until you can then activate the vibratory rates of joy, etc. in your body, and start to create from there.

As far as your anger goes right now, there’s a lot on your world that’s giving you permission, each one of you, to activate that emotion of anger that fires you up. And don’t be afraid of your anger. Let yourselves have it, let yourselves feel it, let yourselves run it, and let yourselves use your anger to help you identify what it is you are not in agreement with, what it is that does not stand within your own vibratory field, what it is you need to say ‘no’ to.

But what you’ve got to watch then, is that you don’t run that anger through your desires. You’re still doing that, all of you, and this is a very challenging piece for you all because for so long you’ve repressed your anger. You’ve talked yourselves into believing that your anger was ‘bad’ and it was ‘dark’ and not useful. And that was all just an enslavement program. Because if a slave is feeling their anger, then a slave is not as easy to control.

So your anger absolutely serves to fire you up and help you see what you are not in alignment with. And still so many of you are nodding your heads in agreement to thousands of things you are not in agreement with, so your anger serves to remind you, “I’m really not okay with that!” But what you want to do then is feel that anger, process it, and then put yourself in ‘neutral’ before activating joy and beginning to create something new.

That can be challenging because typically what you’ll do is you’ll say, “I’m so pissed off about A, B and C, and I want it to be X, Y and Z!” And a lot of your organizers, and your protestors, and your demonstrators, and your activists are running a lot of anger through their intention of what they want to create, which then causes you all to simply create, from anger, more experiences to feel angry about and not in alignment with.

So, every single one of you who are getting more and more adept at recognizing your emotions, your feelings, recognizing what’s happening and honoring your own experience here, feel the anger, let the anger runs its course, slow yourself down, and if you do find yourself intending within the midst of your anger something new, put yourself into ‘neutral,’ take a breath, inhale some white light into your body—cancel out that projection of anger via that white light—then activate joy and say, “I’d like to be here,” from that joyful place.

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September 5, 2017 Part 2
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