The Pleiadian Collective channeled by Nora Herold — Excerpt from the September 5th, 2017 Teleconference.

When we say to send now to those aspects of you that are sitting in fear, instead of projecting that light outward, go deeper. Go even deeper within to your own energetic structure. So, inhale that golden light into your heart chakras and exhale it within you into your deepest fears. And know that as you tend to your deepest fears, darkness, trauma, as you transmute in this way, the aspects of you that are sitting in other realities running the same fear programs receive the technology automatically, telepathically, to shift and alter their fears. Continue breathing for a bit here, and just notice now how much more in alignment you probably feel—how solid and empowered and connected.

Right now we want you to set up a grid of support for all of the beings on Earth who are currently experiencing devastation, fear, loss of any kind. It’s being magnified on your world right now via your fires and your weather events, political decisions that are being made, war, and still the playing out of the enslavement game. We want you to breathe here together.

Inhale and exhale. And as you do that, just intend to connect with everyone who’s receiving this information right now. There are beings all over Earth who are tuning in to this broadcast. Whether you’re tuning-in in the moment it’s being given, or listening to the recording, it doesn’t matter, you can jump into this grid at any time. 

So as you inhale and exhale, feel your light connecting with all of the others who are conscious and awake and aware. And there are many who are not in the moment of experiencing this transmission, and who may never listen to this recording, who are jumping on board right now wanting to have some fun and help and support to create this grid and this network of support and light and love, to ease the experience of some of the things that are occurring right now, and also to ease the events themselves, to take them down just a notch so they are perhaps not as potentially, third-dimensionally destructive as they could be.

So just let yourselves feel your light going out, and let yourselves as you inhale, feel yourself receiving the connections from all of the other beings participating in this exercise. What you’re going to experience if you are having a visual of this, are pinpoints of light lighting up all over the planet and then lines of light moving back and forth between all of the pinpoints of light, multiple lines. So, as you exhale and you send a huge transmission of light that turns itself into millions or billions of filaments, that goes out to everyone who’s available to hold that vibration, carry it. And as you do this you’re connecting with the grid of fifth dimensional Earth. So feel yourselves really plugging in to the grid-work here. And feel yourselves as you hold your compassion, as you operate from joy [or activate the vibratory rate of joy and activate the vibratory rate of compassion], excitement, anything else that comes into your consciousness right now, (such as) connection, expansion, confidence, freedom, power. And feel yourselves shifting as the grid-work shifts.

And now remember the network of support (discussed earlier), the angelics, the collective, the devas, the elementals, Yeshua and so on—and the reptilians, the annunaki, the illuminati, see them as part of the network of support. Your mental bodies want to reject that so just breathe into this idea that you are all one—we are all one, all supporting each other—so reach into those collectives that you term ‘dark’ and ‘fearful’ and activate these vibratory rates from within those collectives, because they’re in you.

So, whenever there’s an event or a series of events like the ones that are happening on your planet right now—the hurricane that you’re calling Irma, the hurricane you called Harvey, the fires burning, and all the other things that are happening—as awake and aware and conscious beings, conscious that you are light-workers, you will often ask, “What can we do as a light-worker to facilitate an easier transition through these events, or even mitigate some of these events to change the course of the weather event so it’s not as destructive?” And so, this network is something you can plug into now at any time, this network of support and light. It’s always there. You don’t need our guidance to get yourself there. You can get yourself there and plug in at any time and just spend a moment or two activating the vibratory rates of joy, etc., in your Beingness, that allow you to contribute to raising the overall vibration of what’s occurring on Earth right now within collective humanity.

Now, some things you’re not going to be able to change. Some things are needed on your world right now. Part of what’s happening through these bigger events is they’re going to bring about and facilitate some of the greater changes that are needed on your world that will allow you to operate as one, that will allow you to recognize that you’re all one and that you need to come together collectively.

Some of the things that are occurring right now in your governments, the abuses of power, and the dissatisfaction that collective humanity is feeling right now about much of government, needs to happen to spur you all into activating, even more, your own individual power and regaining your sovereign state and your sovereign status on your world. You want to ultimately transcend any ideas you have about the need for beings outside of you to govern, to set up rules and laws that you all have to abide by which is really just an opportunity for enslavement that allows the enslavers to come in.

As soon as you all started to become afraid of one another you said, “Sure, I’ll hand off my power, I’ll trade out. I’m afraid of the boogeyman, the thief in the night. I’m afraid and I don’t feel powerful enough to deal with the monsters at hand, so I’ll make the agreement that I’ll hand my power off to those beings outside of me that appear to hold onto more power. You’ll keep me safe. And the trade off is, I’m a slave.” That’s the game. That’s the game you’ve been playing for quite some time and that game has ended, although you are still playing it out on your world out of habit, but it has ended.

So now, what you’re each called upon to do is own the totality of your reality, step into your power, accept 100% responsibility for your life, your creations, your manifestations, and as you do that you become more powerful and more empowered.

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September 5, 2017 Part 1
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