The Pleiadian Collective and Yeshua through Nora Herold — Excerpt from the Equinox Activation Event of September 22, 2017

Response to a question asking if there is any connection to the placement of the stars in the Heavens and the description that’s in the Book of Revelation.

“This is Yeshua. We greet you with love and joy, and honor your light.

The question you’re asking has many, many answers depending on which version of reality you’re asking the question from. For instance, one of the answers could be (that) Revelations is all bunk. And certainly when you look at the Bible, and when you look at the convoluted way information is expressed through the Bible and the use of that book and the many books that comprise that book, and the teachings and the religion, and all of it—the uses and abuses of power that have come as a result of it—so there’s that perspective first. So, we’ll lay that one out first, that it’s all bunk. And yet, of course, it’s not ALL bunk.

This is the Pleiadians. We’ll jump in here on this one. The reason that book has been so successful on your world in enslaving you all is because there is some truth to it. If it were 100% bullshit it would have been forgotten by now. So there are kernels of truths woven throughout the myriad of lies, distortions and abuses of power.

So, when it come to your particular question,“Is there a connection?” Yes. It’s a roadmap. But it doesn’t mean at all what Revelations “reveals.” Those are the lies. That’s the fear-based piece of it.

What it’s really about is your star families, your galactic connections and your pathways to that genetic information in your bodies. And what you’re going to find happening, and what some of your scientific discoveries are going to bring about eventually, is that the constellations, star clusters, the patterns of stars match genetic blueprints in your bodies.

When that information is revealed to you all we can’t tell. It hasn’t really even been noticed yet by anybody who could make that public to you all. So when that will happen we have no idea. It may not even happen in your lifetime. We don’t know.

But for you all now, when you look at the constellations— either at the sky, or in photographs, or artistic renderings—you’re looking at genetic code there. You’re looking at blueprints of your own genetic codes.”

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September 22, 2017 
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