Recorded Workshops & Special Events 2017 and 2018
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Special Lecture and Group Session with The Pleiadian Collective
February 16, 2017
Audio Recording - 60 Minutes

The Pleiadian Collective and Others share their perspectives on the current acceleration in the experience of transmutation of trauma, the acceleration in the manifestation experience, the massive amounts of input and shifts in our reality, timeline jumps and how to best navigate them, conscious timeline jumping vs unconscious timeline jumping, deja vu moments, activating specific vibratory rates, operating as an incarnate guide, the use of toning for the transmutation of trauma and the alteration of the external reality, the acceleration in the reflections manifesting in our realities, healing, connecting more directly with the Pleiadians and other guides, energy attachments and how to clear these attachments, clearing energetic distortions, the shifting between the third dimensional and fifth dimensional operating systems, releasing the need to "handle it all" at all times, prosperity, holding a specific perspective on reality regardless of how others are perceiving that same reality, and much, much more.

The Pleiadians offer a number of processes throughout including the use of toning for the transmutation of trauma and the activation of the joy vibration in the energetic system.

Vernal Equinox with The Pleiadians, Yeshua, Calliandra, & Others
Amplify Your Joy
March 18, 2017
Audio Recording - 120 Minutes

The Pleiadian Collective, Yeshua, Calliandra, Enara, and Others share their perspectives on the massive timeline jump underway and our process of syncing up with this new reality, the amplification technology being activated in our throat chakras and how to use that technology, our manifestation process and the "I am" statement, the use of toning as a way to integrate and transmute, how what you say affects your reality, aligning specific vibratory rates and frequencies with your words, venting and all forms of communication, enabling telepathic abilities, the acceleration at hand, using your discernment and detaching from ideas around "new information", blending of the 3D and 5D systems allowing direct access to the oversoul, the overuse of the the throat chakra and the exhaustion that is a result of that, trauma in the throat chakra as a result of the implants and filters in place that disallow telepathic communication, the chaos in the outer reality as a manifestation of the trauma in the throat chakra, dark matter, giving yourself permission to use your voice, uses and abuses of power, abundance, prosperity, and detaching from the trap of money, "talking to yourself", expansion of clairvoyant abilities, activation of the fifth dimensional mental body, the divine masculine energy, and much, much more.

The Pleiadians offer a lengthy process that facilitates the deactivation of implants and filters in the throat chakra as well activating the amplification technology in the throat chakra and aligning us with the new timeline available to us and our ability to use our throats as a tool for manifestation.

Love Gateways and Portals with The Pleiadians, Calliandra, Earth, The Undines, Sylphs, Salamanders, Gnomes, and Others
April 22, 2017
Audio Recording - 116 Minutes

The Pleiadian Collective, Calliandra, Enara, along with Earth, The Elementals, Devas, and Others share their perspectives on gateways, portals, and other energy centers, portals within our third and fifth dimensional chakra systems, portals located on Earth both in Earth's third and fifth dimensional energetic structures, the magnifying effect of portals, how to open a portal, how to use the technology located within the portal systems for healing, transmutation of trauma, and manifestation, operating as a creator, instantaneous manifestation, air, water, fire, and earth and their supporting properties in our lives both physical and energetic, the faeries as a species and their many forms, crystals as a physical manifestation of fifth dimensional energy, flower essences as an assistant in our integration and re-ascension experience, magic, experiencing the self as the totality of all of the elementals, consciously co-creating with the elementals, elemental disasters and resulting trauma, operating as a being of service, and much, much more.

This transmission is extremely layered and multi-dimensional due to the presence of so many beings. The energy offered deactivates implants that are preventing the accessing of the fifth dimensional identity while at the same time activating fifth dimensional technologies. Many processes are offered throughout from all of the beings present.

The Undines come through directly and offer a very specific transmission of love

Summer Solstice Transmission
The Summer of Change
with The Pleiadians
June 17, 2017
Audio Recording - 124 Minutes

The Pleiadian Collective, Yeshua, Calliandra, Enara,  and Others share their perspectives on the intensity of the moment and the energy about to come in via the Solstice transmission, the wielding of the shift through our bodies and existence on planet Earth, the sense of responsibility that can weigh us down as a result of our understanding of our roles here in the shift, emotional messes and their purpose, playacting out conflict as a way to transmute deeper trauma, the activation of the dual 3D/5D consciousness and the running of that dual consciousness in the same moment, the mass awakening of the dual consciousness, using the fifth dimensional consciousness to nullify emotional explosions from the third dimensional consciousness, how to engage with those who have a different point of view, holding your vibration, operating as a reflection of the awakened dual consciousness, the total solar eclipse in August, accessing future versions of the self to ease the experience of the moment, "the powers that were" and their failing efforts at continuing to try to manipulate the masses, disclosure, the unification on planet Earth, the shift from carbon based to crystalline based life forms, galactic identities and how they play out along our ancestral lines and the potential conflicts within our bodies based on ancient galactic wars, the transmutation of these conflicts and wars using codes in our DNA, how to alter contracts, the manifestation process, and much, much more.

Many processes were offered throughout to facilitate and ease the integration of the Solstice energies and the activation of joy in the body.

This transmission is both extremely dense and yet light and joyful at the same time with a tremendous amount of content given.

Special Lecture and Group Session
August 10, 2017
Audio Recording - 66 Minutes

The Pleiadian Collective, Yeshua, Calliandra, Enara, and Others share their perspectives on this "in between moment", the lunar eclipse, the upcoming total solar eclipse, the current emotional intensity, the recent uptick of our collective vibration, the activation of fifth dimensional technologies, deactivation of 3D energetic implants, the end of the enslavement game, the current chaos and uncertainty as a result of the game change, power and the accessing of greater power, how the solar eclipse will affect our power centers, the massive restructuring of our energetic systems, the physical and emotional manifestations as a result of the recent energetic upgrades, the emotional recalibration that is underway, the ability to have an individualized experience within the context of the collective, operating as an incarnate guide, living the "regular earthly experience" while operating as an incarnate guide, discerning your energetic body, healing energetic tears, accessing portals and gateways, discerning the difference between accessing information and fantasy, the need for patience during times of intense internal shifting/being in the void state, taking in information and healing while unconscious (sleeping) vs waking time, galactic identities, accessing galactic records, creating a partnership, resting the 3D mental body to allow for a deeper integration and then activation of the 5D mental body, manifestations of past life trauma in the current physical body, compassion, unconditional love, and much, much more.

The Pleiadians offer a number of processes throughout including the one that deactivates implants in the energetic system to facilitate the shift from carbon based to crystalline based lifeforms and prepare for the eclipse transmission.
Working with the New Energies
Post Eclipse Event
with The Pleiadians
August 22, 2017
Audio Recording - 106 Minutes

The Pleiadian Collective, Yeshua, Calliandra, Enara,  and Others share their perspectives on the total solar eclipse and its impacts and effects on our universal consiousness, the sign post nature and importance of this eclipse, their interpretation of power, the powering down and then rebooting of our power systems, going "off-line", the DNA activation that was a part of the solar eclipse, our shift from carbon based to crystalline based life forms, the shift in our experience of the polarity in this reality, the events in Charlottesville, the mass awakening of humanity's consciousness, the need to move slowly during this period of deep integration, our contracts with beings in animal form and the changes in these contracts, food and food choices, operating as a soveriegn creator being who knows they are love incarnate at all times, magical and mystical happenings that were perceived during the solstice and why they were so evident, the third chakra and the difficulties that can occur in the third chakra, uses and abuses of power, a leveling of the power playing field, traumas and triggers relating to life and death situations, physical manifestations in the body, the energy leading up to the Atumnal Equinox, our relationships with ourselves and how it is central to our experience and relationships with others, the acceleration in the manifestation process, dealing with messes, creating a focused experience as an awakened being, operating as an empath, making decisions, and much, much more.

The Pleiadians offered a number of processes throughour including an activation of the new codes in our DNA along with a process that facilitates the activation and accessing of the vibratory rate of power within the third and fifth dimensional systems.

Autumnal Equinox
Heart Chakra Activation and Expansion
with The Pleiadians
September 22, 2017
Audio Recording - 110 Minutes

The Pleiadian Collective, Yeshua, Calliandra, Enara,  and Others share their perspectives on the Autumnal Equinox and the transmission specific to the Equinox itself, the massive clearing taking place in the heart chakras of each individual and the collective simultaneously, Earth's ascension experience at this time, the recent expressions of the 4 earthly elements - air, water, fire, and earth, the unification of the collective through this equinox activation, the sun and its purposes as it crosses the celestial equator, the upgrades to the heart chakra as a result of the Equinox transmission and our ability to operate as a unified consciousness, accessing true states of Oneness, the mental, emotional, energetic, and physical responses to the upgrades, heart chakra pains, how to be of greatest service to the collective at this time, working within oneself, working within your individual community, accessing and strengthening connections to the Pleiadians and the other beings assisting us at this time, accessing records and memories, accessing "future" moments in time, operating from the 3rd and 5th dimensional selves simultaneously, releasing grudges, the activation of greater compassion, accessing light language, accessing support, confidence and a deeper relationship with the self, "healing" another, and much, much more.

The Pleiadians offered a lengthy process leading up to and during the exact moment of the Equinox facilitating a massive overhaul in the heart chakra and upgrades throughout our entire operating systems. Other processes and activations were offered throughout the session as well including a toning exercise at the beginning of the second half.

The transmission offered was one of the most powerful we have felt to date.

Winter Solstice 2017
with The Pleiadians
December 21, 2017
Audio Recording -  127 Minutes

The Pleiadian Collective, Yeshua, Calliandra, Enara,  and Others share their perspectives on the solstice energies and the restructuring of our energetic bodies at this time, the enormity of this particular download, the upgrades being activated within our genetic codes, our shift from carbon based to crystalline based life forms, the massive activations of fear and traumas to facilitate clearing prior to receipt of the solstice energies, disclosure and the potential for disclosure, possible scenarios for ET interactions, operating as sovereign and listening to one's guidance systems, relationships and the changing structure of our relationships, the deconstruction of all systems founded within the enslavement contracts - ie: the patriarchy, governments, educational systems, justice systems, the family unit, etc, a view into the fifth dimensional reality and how relationships operate within the structure of 5D, operating in the moment, an overview of the massive changes that have occurred during the past year including the intensity of the experience of the year, how raising one's vibration allows more access to beings in the higher realms and conversely how beings in the higher realms are more easily able to access one with a higher vibration, gender roles and the need to deactivate automatic responses and behaviors based on one's gender, taking full responsibility for one's reality, envisioning a future reality that looks markedly different from this one, releasing the need for any governing bodies, god as an enslavement program, freeing stuck energies, addressing pain in the body, money, operating as a creator, identifying your own galactic genetic origins, and much, much more.

The Pleiadians offered a number of processes throughout including a lengthy opening activation that facilitates the integration of the solstice energies, activating the upgrades in our light bodies and restructuring of our energetic matrix.

Calliandra offers a delightful perspective of life in the fifth dimension and how to begin envisioning that reality for ourselves at this time.