The Pleiadian Collective through Nora Herold — Excerpt from the 11-7-17 Teleconference

“Your 5D identities are adjusting somewhat still to working within the container of the 3rd dimension and gaining broader insight and understanding to the way the 3rd dimension works, because the understanding of the 3rd dimension for the 5th dimensional identities has always been theoretical up until the last few years, at the end of 2012, when you all began to offer your higher selves, your 5D identities, physical access to the 3rd dimensional realm.

So there’s knowing better, and then there’s knowing better. The same that’s been happening for you all here in your 3rd dimensional selves and bodies, that journey has been happening for your higher selves and your 5D identities as well. So it’s side by side, hand in hand. You all are integrating and blending and remembering. And as you speed up in some ways in your 3D experience, your 5D identities are having to slow down just a bit, having to tailor the way they play with energy and structures and creations so you don’t overwhelm your central nervous systems of your physical structures and forms, and so you also don’t overwhelm the shift itself, meaning collective humanity.

And one of the things that’s been occurring lately on your world is there has been an acceleration of your shift and it’s going to continue. The acceleration is here. You’re in it now and it’s never going to slow down again. You will simply remember how to slow your own energy down within the context of that greater collective acceleration so you personally don’t feel buffeted about by the rapid change happening all around you, or at least that appears to be happening all around you. It’s also happening, of course, within you, happening within your very bodies, happening within your cellular structure and your molecular makeup. You are shifting from carbon-based life forms to crystalline-based life forms, and you all are beginning to get a better handle on that. Your minds don’t reject that any longer.

In your bodies right now you are undergoing the shift from carbon-based matter to crystalline-based matter, meaning, in the simplest terms possible, your physical density is beginning to vibrate at a greater rate of frequency. That’s how this structure changes. The speed at which you vibrate determines your physical expression. So carbon-based light-forms vibrate at a particular rate of frequency. Crystalline-based light-forms vibrate at a higher rate of frequency.”

Full Audio Recording Available Here

November 7, 2017 
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