The Pleiadian Collective through Nora Herold — Excerpt from the May 2, 2017 Teleconference

We want to get to this one other piece right now about where you are all at in your shift because a lot of you are feeling very confused right now on your world when you look at some of the things that are playing out in the bigger picture politically, with your environment, economically—it’s not looking, when you look at it from that place, like there’s a collective integration of the higher self occurring and a reascension to a less-polarized state of being.  It’s looking like there’s more conflict in the world around you.  Well, yes, there is.  And that conflict is being magnified in your external reality right now just as you are each magnifying it in your interpersonal relationships, via your relationships with yourselves and others. 

So, observe the conflict around you and see the benefit.  Notice when you get triggered, when you feel afraid or frustrated or powerless, and then put your attention on your own transmutation process.  And then open up your portals, magnify more love through your energy centers, express your creative energy, express your love, express your light, look at your personal world—alright?  So, there’s the collective creation, and then there are the individual creations each of you have, and then there are the co-creations with those you are close with, right?  So that’s just 3 versions of reality we’ve thrown out there very quickly that you’re all dealing with, and the truth is you’re dealing with many, many more in the moment.  This is the multidimensional nature of reality.  So start to get really good now at recognizing the multidimensional nature of reality. 

Start to recognized when it is you are looking at a collective transmutation of trauma moment playing itself out via the bigger political or geopolitical stage or during some kind of bigger traumatic event playing out on your world.  And then start to recognize in that same exact moment how you’re looking at that and feeling connected to and engaged with that because it’s in your world, it’s part of your reality, right?  It’s a layer of a dimension you’re playing with, and then also look at: “Well, what am I doing right now personally in my home space?  I’m having this incredibly enjoyable moment while at the same time observing and witnessing this other moment that my consciousness is also involved in.”  So, it’s not one or the other.  You are everywhere at all times.  And then there’s the co-creative moments in the same moment.  “What are the other beings in my close, personal space engaged with and how am I interrelating and interacting with them in the same moment?”

So our status update right now is that you have begun to operate as multidimensional beings in a more conscious way.  You are activating and accessing your 5th dimensional mental bodies on a more regular basis.  Not all of you on Earth are aware of this, of course, so we’re speaking to those of you who choose to tune-in to this information, and those of you who are tuning-in are tuning-in in part because you have remembered you are also incarnate guides here to be of service consciously, here to be of assistance. 

Feel your excitement in your body as we offer you this piece around your 5th dimensional mental bodies.  That’s the name we are giving it right now for that kind of consciousness where it’s like your brain in your physical body now really understands the higher-dimensional concepts.  You no longer have to just run it just through your heart chakra and then let the information filter in when you’re ready for it.  You’re not there any longer.  You have activated and really begun to use your 5th dimensional mental bodies and your 5D mental body can easily look at many dimensions in one moment.  See the different experiences in each moment, see where your consciousness fits in in each and every single moment while at the same time remaining physical and physicalized, connected to the body and the physical experience you’re having right now.  So just breathe that piece in. 

We know that personally a lot of you feel like you’re starting to get somewhere now.  You’re getting it!  You are.  You really are!  You’re integrating, you’re doing it, you’re reascending!  You’re amazing!  And we also know that you are looking at what’s happening on your planet right now and you’re afraid.  Your fears are getting triggered and activated because it doesn’t look like mass consciousness is getting it.  But remember, you ARE mass consciousness.  You’re there in mass consciousness as you’re here, so mass consciousness is getting it.  They’re just going through all of that intense transmutation work you all individually have been going through, many of you, for decades and decades.  Mass consciousness is doing it now and many of the individuals who are either prior to awakening or just awakened are going through all of this right now and they need to do it more quickly than you all did.  So you’re seeing a bit of a bigger show right now on the greater stage.

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May 2, 2017
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