Nora Herold, Calliandra and the Pleiadian Collective—Excerpt from the 5-1-2018 Teleconference Part 1

Continue to to feel uplifted from Calliandra’s transmission, while at the same time putting yourself squarely in your body. We don’t want you to go up and out when you uplift. We want you to stay in and uplift. And this is key for you all right now as you are aligning with the new reality you have found yourselves on due to the massive, collective timeline jump that collective humanity and Earth have made in tandem. And even when we say it that way to you that is not exactly the whole story. The entire universe jumped timelines.

The entire universal structure and matrix is different and altered today from how it appeared to be a week ago. Take a breath and let yourselves absorb that piece of information. Let yourselves remember that what’s happening on Earth is having a ripple effect across the universe.

So, we want to just talk a bit with you all about this timeline jump to help you better understand what that actually even means. You all have a sense of it as: Okay, you’ve landed in a less dense reality. You’re operating at a higher vibration. But there’s a way for you to better understand what that means now because your fifth dimensional mental bodies are coming online more and more. So you’re now able to intellectually understand concepts that were literally just concepts or theories to you in the past where you could, perhaps, hear the words but you didn’t have a visceral understanding of what those words meant. You are now able to have a visceral understanding of something like a timeline jump.

So, in the third dimension where you’re residing, as you’re playing along linear time you take steps—whether that be actual physical steps, or just the passage of time, or driving in your car, or getting on an airplane—whatever it is, you take steps to get you from point A to point B. And those steps can play out along a certain amount of time depending on what it is you’re changing in your reality. So if you were going to take a vacation you would get in your car, or you would get on a plane, and it would take you a number of hours or days to get wherever you were traveling to arrive at your new destination. And when you arrive at your new destination you find that you are somewhere completely different, and yet you are still on planet Earth, you’re still in the third dimension, you’re still operating at the same rate of density as you were when you first got in your car, or on your plane, to take the trip. So that’s movement in the third dimensional reality, where you’re moving from place to place holding a particular rate of density, finding yourself aligning with a new environment that also holds that same rate of density. So your body is experiencing density at point A, the same density along the journey, and the same density at point B.

When you jump timelines like you just did and you travel multidimensionally, you’re not just skipping the journey—the plane, train, bus, automobile, walking or whatever it is that you do—you’re not just skipping that piece—which you do; you skip that piece—you elevate your consciousness and suddenly find yourself in a completely NEW reality. And that can be done while you’re just sitting in your chair, or sitting in your house. (Or maybe you were in your car or on a plane when it happened, but those just happened to be coincidental and had nothing to do with the journey.) So, when you travel multidimensionally in this way and you find yourself suddenly on a higher timeline, what happens for you all is you’re NOT interacting with the same level of density as the density that your body was familiar with at the lower vibrational rate and timeline, ’timeline A.’ So we’ll say your journey is from timeline A to timeline B.

So on timeline A you’re vibrating at a particular rate of density. Suddenly you travel through a ‘wormhole’ (we’ll just use that as a way for you all to understand) and you arrive on timeline B, and that happens in an instant, and yet your physical bodies are still remembering the density of the experience from timeline A, as is your mental body and most of your senses. So you’ve landed on this new timeline.

Now you’re on timeline B and everything looks pretty much the same— it smells the same, and it sounds the same, and the same stories are playing out—and yet, once you start to tune-in you begin to recognize that, energetically, you are in a completely new environment.

Take a breath right now and feel the vibratory rate of this new reality you’ve landed on collectively—you, collective humanity, and Earth—in tandem.

Full Audio Recording Available Here

May 1, 2018 - Part 1
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