Nora Herold, Enorah, and the Pleiadian Collective
Excerpt from the Spring Equinox event of 3-20-18

What you are all beginning to experience now is re-identifying as your fifth dimensional identity, as your higher self. You’re beginning to hand off your operating systems to your higher selves. And this transmission, the energy that came in through the Equinox gateway today, is facilitating for all of you this process of allowing your higher selves, your 5-D identity, to take the reigns now, take the lead with your bodies, and bring you forward into the creators you are.

It has been quite a ride for all of you once again and the ride’s going to continue. There’s never a cessation of your journey here any longer, no pauses or stops, there is just, perhaps, a lowering of the volume of intensity of your experience, and then a raising of the volume of the intensity of your experience. And you have all raised the volume once again as you are really doing, and have done, some major internal shifting work to put yourselves in the most available space you can be in to receive what came in earlier today, and what we’re going to help you unpack and understand now in your bodies.

So you really were examining all of your belief systems over the last couple of weeks, observing your beliefs and the way your beliefs affect your reality and then the way your reality triggers certain belief systems within yourselves. And we encourage you to continue doing this reflective work around your beliefs. Just because the transmission has come in and you’re working with the new technology and the new energy it doesn’t mean that you’re done with that part of the event. You’re still going to have an ongoing experience of examining and exploring your beliefs, and that will continue as you integrate and re-ascend.

This will be a continuous experience of belief examination and eradication and creation of new beliefs and thought-forms in the moment. And we’ll remind you again that your best way of operating is to come in with no belief and allow the moment at hand to show you what is true for you right now, right in this moment, because as you do that suddenly the technology you use to view the world opens up!

Your beliefs narrow your viewfinder. You are only able to ‘see’ based on what it is you believe. The more beliefs you load-in, the more you narrow your ability to see everything that’s in front of you. The more beliefs you release, the more the field in front of you opens up in a rather dramatic way.

Full Audio Recording Available Here

March 20, 2018 
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