Nora Herold and the Pleiadian Collective—Excerpt from the 6-5-18 Teleconference - Part 2
"The Magnifying Effect of The Solstice"

“Your Summer Solstice will be exact at 3:07AM Pacific Time on June 21st. And this particular solstice transmission is a magnifier. It’s going to operate like a magnifying glass would, and you’re going to use that magnification tool both within yourselves and your own energetic structures, and then you’re going to use it as you view the world around you because everybody is going to be magnified from within—every body, every thing, every system, every structure—everything is going to become more obvious, clearer, more defined. It’s going to be easier and easier for you all to discern what is what because of the transmission that will come in on your June Solstice this year. 

So that means the version of you, the version that you’re sitting with right now, is going to be magnified. You’re going to magnify yourselves. You’re going to be brighter, and bigger, and bolder—and also darker, and messier, and in disarray. Wherever you’re holding, whatever you’re holding within yourself, both internally and then externally in your environment, in your surroundings, all of it is going to be magnified.

So in preparation for this magnification it is our recommendation to you at this time that you do as much release work, transmutation of trauma work, and clearing out work as you possibly can so when you receive that massive transmission of energy that comes in you will have laid the foundation for an easier, more effortless, more joyful journey moving forward.

So when we say release and clearing and cleaning up, of course F.O.A.L. is a method at your disposal you can use whenever, wherever you need to, to facilitate that energetic clearing and transmutation of trauma work. That’s something that you have now that you can pull out at any moment and time. You can write the acronym down (FOAL-feel, observe, accept and love) and put it up somewhere in your space near you as a reminder of a technology that’s very simple for you to run. And the more you use it, the more it will become a default technology within your system and you won’t have to direct your consciousness to this system, you’ll just run the system itself.”

Full Audio Recording Available Here

June 5, 2018
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