Nora Herold and the Pleiadian Collective—Excerpt from the 6-5-18 Teleconference

“Let’s run down F.O.A.L. for you all

F - Feel
O - Observe
A - Accept
L - Love

So, as you’re breathing, FEEL. Let yourself feel whatever it is you are feeling right now without judgment—physically, emotionally, energetically, even mentally, because the mental body really interacts with the feeling state—so just notice and identify, and feel as you breathe. (Take as long as you need here, breathing, to allow yourself to fully feel what it is you are accessing).

And now OBSERVE. Observe yourself in the moment of your feeling state. And that observational aspect of you sits in your heart chakra and all throughout your light body. Feel that observational aspect of you there right now. You may feel it in other places at different times but we really first want to make sure that when you activate your observational ability you’re feeling that both within your physical body and then also accessing your observational technology—your 5D consciousness really—within your auric field, your light body field, your 5th dimensional chakra system, your energetic matrix, whatever terms you want to use that work for you.

So you’re FEELING and OBSERVING yourself within the feeling state, which is really now you’ve got your 3D identity and your 5D identity fully active, awakened, working together in conjunction; individuated and blended at the same time. And you’ll notice as you’re observing whatever it is you’re feeling, that as soon as you begin to observe, the feeling state lightens just a bit because in that moment you begin to shift out of the density of your 3D experience and into the higher vibrational experience that is the 5D experience.

So, you OBSERVE and then you ACCEPT. Both aspects of yourself accept you exactly as you are. And it helps your 3D self so much to be able to step into acceptance by having your 5D consciousness active and online, because the 5D consciousness is always in a state of self acceptance, which then allows the 3D aspect, the Ego Self, to open up to that kind of self acceptance as well.

So here you are ACCEPTING yourself as LOVE Incarnate exactly as you are which allows for an automatic activation of Unconditional LOVE that you might feel running in your system right now like a hum or a buzz, or just a soft, warm feeling. And that unconditional love automatically replicates itself and transmits itself to any version of you in any moment in time and space that needs it, any version of you that is related to the particular feeling state that you were working with, and any and every version of you that needs it in any way, shape and form anyway, because that unconditional love as you transmit it now, does not stay specific to the particular feeling state that you started with in the exercise. It goes where it needs to go. And your mental body, your 3D consciousness, doesn’t need to know where it’s going. It doesn’t need to try to gather that information. That will limit the experience. So this is where your 3D mental body just opens up, and relaxes and breathes, and that allows you to easily and effortlessly activate the vibratory rate of Joy in your chakra system.

F.O.A.L. - is a method for the transmutation of stored trauma allowing you to operate from joy.”

Part 2

Full Audio Recording Available Here

June 5, 2018 - Part 1
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