Nora Herold, Yeshua, Calliandra, and the Pleiadian Collective—Excerpt from the 6-21-18 Summer Solstice Event - Part 2
"The Power Structres on Your World"

"We want to talk just a bit here now about what’s been happening on your world from our perspective.

As we shared with you at the beginning of this month, you were going to be heading in to a period of time where you were going to do as much clearing as you possibly could to prepare for this transmission of energy coming in on the June Solstice, and that clearing happened individually and collectively. And you certainly have given yourselves, over the last few weeks, a number of what you’re perceiving to be pretty major events that have allowed you to access and transmute individual and collective traumas.

So, there have been geo-political events that have played out via decisions that your political leaders have made when it comes to participating in, or not participating in, certain constructs in your reality. There have been these kind of big changes—at least that’s what it looks like—big dramatic falling outs between your leaders, facilitated in large part—at least on the surface this is what it looks like to all of you—by the being currently operating as the president of the United States, Donald Trump. He has taken actions, and said things, and done things that have sent shock waves and ripples throughout your collective consciousness on planet Earth. Not just the beings located within the United States, because the United States is, and always has served as, a melting pot of the collective energies on planet Earth. It’s what it was intended for originally, just as Earth itself has always served as a melting pot of the collective energies of this particular universe. Now that’s changing somewhat, of course, as more and more countries on your world are becoming more available and more accessible. The United States is no longer serving, or needing to serve, as the epicenter of this melting pot experience. However, that’s still the identity that you’re projecting onto the United States.

Truly, this experience of the melting pot, of connection of oneness, is going to ‘bleed out,’ we’ll say, or ‘fan out’ all over your world. Ultimately, this is what Earth will look like. You will lose all boundaries, you will lose all sense of countries, and states, and governments, and divides, and you will become the planetary group that you are. Which will then allow you to consciously join your galactic society. You can’t do that right now, operate as part of the galactic communities consciously, because you are all still too fragmented and separated on the planet itself as you transmute these universal traumas and conflicts.

We’re not saying that the fact that you’ve all been separated out there and scattered about, and holding all of these different identities, and having all these conflicts is bad. We’re not saying it’s bad, we’re not saying you’ve done anything wrong, because you’ve done exactly as you were supposed to. You’ve taken massive universal conflicts and wars and brought them to the surface of your world. And you have played them out inter-personally and then you have played them out country to country, civilization to civilization, race to race, etc., and this is all coming to a head on your world right now.

So, as the being that you know to be Donald Trump takes the actions that he’s taking, where he’s pulling the carpet out from under the way things always have been, he is certainly, on some level, facilitating the breakdown of your borders and facilitating the collective consciousness coming together—however, consciously he is not serving that end. This is becoming clearer and clearer to those of you that really have your ear to the ground energetically, and to those of you who are really aligning with the energetic truth expressing itself here in the moment.

Donald Trump and the beings he is working with, both human and energetic, are working at isolating those of you in the United States even further from the rest of the planet. That is their conscious goal right now. It is up to every single one of you, the ‘ground crew’ here, to remain as open and connected to all of humanity, including those beings, as you possibly can.

There is a power structure and a power struggle happening over planet Earth right now. The ‘powers that were’—we like to call the ‘powers that be’ now ‘the powers that were’—the powers that were had really controlled the game on planet Earth for eons. At the end of 2012, when your enslavement contracts expired, those beings lost the assumption of the win. It was gone. It was no longer going to be that they were going to be in charge, which opened up the playing field for any and all beings to take power. The beings who are currently trying to hold power on your world are simply aligned with another fear-based extra-terrestrial collective that want to feed off of you, and they’re doing so using tactics and techniques on your world to try to separate, divide, conquer, and keep you in fear.

So yes, the illuminati, the cabal, the older group, that power structure—there are so many names for them—they are not running the show right now. Not at least in the kind of obvious way that they have been. They’re still there, they’re still present, they are kind of actually just waiting in the wings right now, waiting for the current power structure to fall apart, which it’s going to. The current power structure is untenable (chuckling). You can hear our laughter as we share with you about this piece, and it’s really important that you see that truth, that the current power structure on your world, this group of beings that’s trying to maintain some semblance of control on your world are not going to be able to do it. They are not going to be able to do it because collective consciousness and collective humanity does not align with it. And the reason you don’t align with it, and the reason you’ll be powerful in that misalignment is because you’re no longer slaves.

It didn’t matter in the past if you didn’t align with it—and most of you didn’t align in the past with the power structures on your world—because you were slaves and they were the masters, and that was the game. And sometimes you got to incarnate as the masters, so you haven’t always been the slaves. And you’re not slaves now but you’re still getting used to that idea, still integrating that truth that you are sovereign. And the way to that sovereign space from within is the continued transmutation of deeply held traumas from this life, any life, any experience, any timeline. And the events that have played out on your world over the last few weeks have really allowed you to access some of this un-transmuted trauma collectively.

Now, a lot of you who have been doing this kind of work for a long time, or even for a shorter period of time, have already transmuted your trauma connected to your holocaust lifetimes and other lifetimes of eradicating a whole race, or species, or genocides. You’ve already done that work. But there are many humans who have not transmuted those underlying traumas, and one of the things that occurred over the last few days on your world was a massive transmutation of trauma due to genocides and specifically the holocaust. That’s the one that, of course, you’re all calling to mind because it is the one that has been most talked about and broadcast on your world. That’s the one you’re most familiar with. Those traumas have come to the surface for transmutation, for love, and for healing. So that’s one of the things that just occurred over the last few days and it’s really opened you all up, clearing that trauma collectively. And yes, a lot of you individually here tuning in have done this work but we’re talking collective trauma here.

As that collective trauma transmutes, suddenly you are creator beings, sovereign, able to take heart-centered action that begins to physically alter and change your reality, and then this current power structure that’s doing everything it can to show you how crazy and corrupted, and fear-based it is—so see it for what it is—this power structure will fall apart. This solstice transmission’s going to really help you with this. It’s going to really help you with seeing the truth. And the truth is going to become more and more obvious.

And many were fooled by this current power structure in part because you were so disoriented by the change of the game. The game changed massively at the end of 2012. That’s just five and a half years ago for you all. And by the time the election happened, you hadn’t wrapped your consciousness around that, or been able to access yourselves as sovereign—and there was still too much trauma that needed to be transmuted on your world for you all to align with a power source that was going to bring you together. So you chose, instead, to align with this particular source of power that was going to play a magnified version of separation so you could access your need for that magnified version of yourselves, as the beings of Love that you are, and connect with one another."

Part 1

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June 21, 2018 - Part 2
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