Nora Herold, Yeshua, Calliandra, and the Pleiadian Collective—Excerpt from the 6-21-18 Summer Solstice Event - Part 1
"Mulit-Verse Access"

“The isolation you have experienced in your universe is coming to an end. Your universe itself for quite some time has played in a separate space to allow for the game of duality and polarity to exist. And any and all other universes that play any and all other games have been separate and apart from this particular universal structure to allow for the different games to play out.

One of the things that’s occurring during this solstice transmission is that the boundaries and the barriers keeping your universes separate are beginning to fade away. They are beginning to slowly come down so you can begin to access and grab information from other universes that operate with different kinds of universal laws. Specifically what you are reaching for right now are universes that are operating under the law of oneness.

This solstice transmission is allowing you to access more fully within yourselves, your 3rd dimensional selves, your 5th dimensional selves, any other selves that are currently holding a vibratory rate in this universe. You/We are all able to branch out beyond the confines of duality and polarity, and even us here in the 12th dimension experience some form of duality because we have been constricted and aligned with this universal matrix. Now as this change occurs, and as we begin to interact more fully and freely with other universal structures and matrices that operate on completely different universal laws of physics and creation, the very nature and structure of this universe will begin to shift at an even more accelerated rate.”

Part 2

Full Audio Recording Available Here

June 21, 2018 - Part 1
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