July 26, 2018
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Copyright (c) Nora Herold. All rights reserved
Nora Herold, Calliandra and the Pleiadian Collective—Excerpt from the Eclipse Trio Event of July 26, 2018

Section 1

“Greetings! Calliandra here!

So!! Big news on your world!

Big, big happy timeline jump! You are definitely jumping timelines, and it’s going to be up to you where you land. And it’s essential that you own yourself as a creator being through the process of this timeline jump so you personally jump to the highest place that you possibly can for YOU, within the context of the collective.

Do not be afraid to jump high. Being afraid to jump high will prevent you from jumping high. And do not then expect an immediate change on your planet and in your life. And do not run disappointment when you do not see immediacy, because you are playing in physical density. There is not instant manifestation for any of you at this time. You are still experiencing some incremental changes, and we know it feels so frustrating, and like a drag, and awful at times to you all. But the truth of it is you are still playing in physical density, this is the nature of your physical shift. And when you contrast this incarnation to any you’ve ever had in 3-D, in physical density, you’ve never accelerated through the number of changes that you already have in this incarnation in any other lifetime, and it’s really, really important that you step into gratitude for that.

Recognize your current state of evolution and your elevated consciousness. Remember, if you even can now, who and what it is you used to be, and what you used to believe was true, and how dense that all felt. Most of you can’t even go there. Most of you cannot for one second really access the versions of you that existed 10 years ago, 20 years ago, 30 years ago and on, because they’re in such lower density you can’t access them any longer. That’s amazing! It’s phenomenal what you’ve already done in this incarnation.

So let yourselves reach and jump high, as high as you can. And if you fall a bit, you’ll transmute what needs to be transmuted right where you’ve fallen and then you will pick yourself up and jump again.”

Section 2

“This is the Pleiadians, we can’t stress this enough: Heart-centered vocal expression as a way to physically operate as creator beings and sovereign.

Remember, heart-centered does not cancel out anger. If your anger comes up and out of your throat chakra, let it be there as a path for clearing, as identifying abuses of power and what does not allow you to align with the highest vibration of reality that you can, and then again go to neutral within your energy field, activate joy, and let your vocal expressions about what you desire be joyful! Excited! Passionate! Playful! Fun! Confident, and all the rest!

The eclipse is really going to give you support around this as well. This is a big piece of your Yin energy that’s been suppressed that you’re going to begin accessing. Enjoy it. Enjoy it!”

Section 3

“There used to be a point in time when you all lived on different planets as different races and you did not commingle. Prior to the Orion wars, and some of the other wars that took place in this universe, you didn’t have space travel, you didn’t go outside. Now we’re going back a long, long time here in your universal structure, a long, long time. Prior to advanced technologies being created, you all kept to your own.

So the Lyrans, for instance, they all looked the same, they all had the same skin color, they all had the same body type, they all lived together on their planet and that was it. We’re talking ancient, ancient Lyrans here—the ancient Pleiadians, the ancient Arcturans, the ancient Sirians—and there was no intermingling. And they were all different—all different colors, all different shapes, all different sizes, all different species—and they didn’t know about one another. Each existing in their own separate bubble in this universe.

Each developing their own technology, feeling much like you all feel on planet Earth—very isolated, very separate, very apart—trying to create technology that will allow you to connect. And then, at some point, all that technology was created and space travel started, and suddenly these species started interacting with other species, and other colors, and other sizes, and other shapes, and other ideologies, and other beliefs about God, and other programs, and religions—all the religions you have on your world were created off-world. Everything you have on your world was created off-world initially. It was all brought to this world to create a final understanding of oneness in this universe.

So, the interactions began in the universe. And then beings got greedy, and beings got afraid—and the fear was underneath the greed—and THIS group wanted what THAT group had, and THIS group wanted what THAT group had, and then you had eons of wars. Eons and eons of beings murdering, and raping, and killing, and stealing—and stealing, and killing, and murdering, and raping—all across the universe. And that has all come to this world. And you’re all living together now.

All this genetic information is living together. All this universal genetic information living together on one planet to remember you are One.”

Full Audio Recording Available Here