The Pleiadian Collective through Nora Herold—Excerpt from the 12-21-17 Winter Solstice Teleconference

"You are new now. You are upgraded. You have upgraded yourselves individually, collectively, and you have used the experience of being on Earth throughout the past year to really facilitate these upgrades in your system.

So, in a lot of ways right now it is looking to you all like everything is coming apart. Your big structures are looking, in some ways, darker and less stable. And then in your individual realities a lot of you are experiencing a similar kind of phenomenon where what it was you thought perhaps was stable is no longer stable—you’re looking at changes in relationships, changes in your work situations, potential changes in where you live, changes within your family dynamics, changes within your own identity/personality, your own operating system, and the way you view all of reality. A lot of that has shifted for a lot of you this year.

As we look at you all and at what you have collectively created this year, first we want to acknowledge that for many of you at many points throughout the year it’s been rough. We don’t want to sugarcoat that and we don’t want you to think that we’re not able to see that aspect of your experience, because we certainly do. And one of the things that’s happening is, as you upgrade your systems and raise your vibrations and give yourselves more access—more access to all of us, more access to the other beings you’re working with, more access to your records—well, you also give us more access to you.

So we’re having an even deeper understanding of your experience through your own raising of your vibration. It’s easier for us to truly plug-in to the emotional experiences a lot of you have. It’s much easier for us to do that today than it was for us to do that last year at this time, and much, much easier for us to do this with you all than it was for us to do a decade ago, because as you raise your vibration you become closer to us. In our energy we become more common with one another, we begin to operate more in a peer-like experience with you all and we gain that understanding. And that then, of course, enables us to be able to work both differently with you and, in some ways, in a more effective and stronger way with you all.

So we understand. We know how challenging, how rough and, at times, how dramatic and difficult this has all been for you as you collectively create the destruction of your systems of enslavement. As you collectively create the destruction of your systems of enslavement! We say it again to allow you to feel the enormity of it, the power in it, the power in what you are doing.

What you are doing concurrently is you are building higher vibrational structures. You’re not able to see a lot of those things yet on the bigger stage. They’re not being reflected back to you yet in your governmental policies. They’re not being reflected back to you yet in other areas of your lives, on your news or in other bigger areas. They are being reflected back to you, however, in the day-to-day reality of your experience as you begin to co-create and collaborate with other beings on your world who have altered their consciousness. And many of you are having these experiences where in your day-to-day life—in the beauty of your moment and your day-to-day experience—you’re living in this uplifted, higher vibrational, light-bearing way."

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December 21, 2017 
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