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May you always be aware of the guidance and love that surrounds you.

May you pay attention each day to the lessons that are being offered and the opportunity to grow in love.

May each step you take become more conscious and courageous.

May you choose healing.

May you listen to that which you know to be true.

May you find joy and peace and serenity.

May you face your fears so that they can dissolve into Light.

May you take responsibility for your creation.

May you be honest in feeling and thought and word.

May you ask for help when you need it and have the strength to receive it when offered.

May you know that you are loved, always loved.

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The Pleiadians on Abduction, the Hybrid Program, Establishing E.T. Contact
"Interview with E.D. Extra Dimensionals"
March 1, 2015
"Interview with E.D. Extra Dimensionals"
Personal Interview
with Reuben Langdon
February 26, 2015
Next Monthly Teleconference ~ Tuesday April 7, 2015
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"Nora, thank you for expressing love and clarity through your messages. Your channeling has not only delighted my heart but it has allowed me to develop and connect with ALL that I AM. We love you and appreciate your work. Every session that I have had with you has been life changing. With love" ~ Marilyn and Uwe - Germany
"The sessions I’ve had with Nora Herold have always been heart-opening and mind-relaxing. She has been such a blessing to me that it’s hard to put into words how much I adore her and everything she does. I’ve become more aligned, more open, more genuine, and more at ease since I booked my first session with her in 2011. She’s helped me with my channeling, my relationship with my wife, and even how to manage a household with three cats running around! Whether she’s channeling, giving me a spontaneous energy healing, or communicating with me as her very grounded, yet very psychic self, I always feel better after a session with Nora. You will not find a more dedicated professional, and I could not give a higher recommendation for a service. Thank you, Nora. I love you." ~ Daniel - Ojai, CA
"Gratitude is the first word that comes up when I think about Nora and her incredible enlightening work together with the Pleiadians and all the other multidimensional beings she channels. I came across her work in 2010 and have been learning and growing ever since. A true gift during the great shift in consciousness we currently experience on this planet. The enormous body of information she brings through combined with her clarity, straightforwardness and warm sincerity has spoken to me on many conscious and subconscious levels. She and her entourage helped me to open up my mind at the appropriate time in order to expand as a person and beyond."
Sven -The Netherlands
Audio Recording from Weekend Workshop in Ojai
February 21 & 22, 2015
Now Available Here
Audio Recording from March Lecture & Group Session via Teleconference
Now Available Here
Nora on "Interview with E.D. Extra Dimensionals"
Watch Episode and Bonus Content Here